How oral health can affect other diseases?

One should never neglect the oral health as it is very important to maintain an overall health. Most of them might not be aware that the problems in your mouth will be affecting the rest of your body. That’s why to stay healthy one should have enough knowledge about oral health and how its linked to one’s overall health. As we know mouth has thousands of bacteria which is mostly harmless. But mouth is the entry point for digestive system as well as the respiratory tract and certain bacteria can also cause serious diseases. 

Usually through the normal body’s defence mechanism and with the right oral health care like brushing daily and flossing can keep the bacteria under control. But when there is no proper oral hygiene, the bacteria can reach higher levels it might lead to certain kinds of oral infections like various gum diseases and tooth decay. Some medications like antihistamines, diuretics, painkillers, decongestants and antidepressants which can reduce the flow of saliva. Mostly its saliva washes food and neutralizes the acids which are produced in the mouth by bacteria it prevents multiplication of bacteria which leads to several diseases. 

When there are oral bacteria and inflammation linked to other forms of gum diseases might increase the severity of disease. Especially when people who have diabetes and other diseases like AIDS/HIV might reduce the body’s resistance to other infections making the oral health issues severe and unmanageable. Sometimes other health may lead to several diseases like cardiovascular diseases, pneumonia, pregnancy and birth related complications, endocarditis. Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease may also lead to oral health issues in long run up. So, to stay healthy, it’s important to maintain a better oral hygiene and take care of gums and teeth in the best possible way. 


A beautiful smile can always make you look beautiful

Carrying a beautiful and whole heart smile always shows a positive effect whether it be over professional relationship or a person. According to certain researchers it also shows a great positive impact on the mental and physical health of an individual. Due to various reasons some might be insecure about themselves and some may not like the kind of smile which they carry when they see in the mirror. Whatever might the reason, cosmetic dentistry can help you out in this regard by correcting the imperfections and design a great smile for you. 

With the combination of traditional and emerging dental techniques available, the dentists work at their best to provide you with the kind of results that you expected. When a person has a beautiful smile, they will be able to maintain high levels of self esteem and confidence. A cosmetic dentist will be able to evaluate your overall oral hygiene as well as the dental setup up that they can deliver you with attractive teeth. To keep the dental hygiene as top priority most of them will look for disease free teeth which can be prevented from discoloration of decay. 

The main aim of a cosmetic dentist is to analyze and provide each patient with the right kind of treatments so that they can now lead a happy and beautiful life having a wonderful smile always on their face. Through cosmetic dentistry procedures one can get the beautiful smile which always wished for. Its work of opting for these dental procedures in the guidance of professional and experienced cosmetic dentists who know exactly what the condition and what is the best suitable treatment that has to be given to individual patients. So, they deliver customized services and treatments for their patients.

Before choosing any particular dental procedures, one has to go for a dental checkups so that a dentist can understand your dental condition and look into your concerns. They would then share their reviews and treatments which could be best suitable for you and how exactly it’s been done. This will also brief you about the entire procedure like how long will it take, what are the precautions you should be following etc. A cosmetic dentist is the only one who can provide you with the desired visual outcomes as you have always dreamt about. 


How does the tooth whitening work?

Teeth whitening are an easy and simple process in which the dentist will make use of any one of the tooth bleaches like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide that works as a great whitening product. As these beaches have the ability to break the stains into smaller pieces, they become less visible and teeth become brighter. Consulting a dental doctor is mandatory before you undergo any dental procedures. As different discoloration needs different whiteners always talk to your dentist. Brown teeth might not be responding well to the bleach while yellow teeth will show great results with bleach. 

Stain removal toothpaste will help you to remove the stains present over the surface. These kinds of toothpastes also have certain polishing agents which remove stains effectively while it’s safe to be used. These don’t change the color of your teeth as they remove only surface stains. One can also go for the in-office bleaching which can be done with just one sitting. Here a dentist will either apply a rubber shield, gum or a protective gel over which bleach is applied to teeth. 

Some dentists might provide you with custom made tray which can be used at home for whitening. All the necessary instructions and guidance will be provided by the doctor like until when it has to be applied and how the bleaching solution has to be placed in the tray. Another way of getting your teeth whitening is by getting the over the counter bleaching products. There are several options which you can find online like toothpastes, strips or other things which can whiten your teeth. They contain very low content of bleaching agent when compared to the ones which the dentists use at their office. It’s always better to discuss with your dentists before you use any products. 


What are the symptoms that I should visit a dentist?

Taking care of oral hygiene is very important for everyone irrespective of their age. One should also go for a regular check up right from 8 years to 80-year old. Through regular checkups dentist will be able to examine your oral health and help you to prevent maximum dental diseases. One should make it a point to visit a dentist if he or she has the following symptoms or signs of dental issues:

  • Whenever you feel that your teeth are becoming sensitive to heat or cold. Usually most people will neglect thinking that the sensitivity of your teeth is only for a while and it might go away. But it isn’t true and you should make sure to visit the dentist.
  • When your gums are puffy or bleeding whenever you floss or brush. There are several reasons due to which it may happen.
  • If you have crowns, fillings, dentures, dental implants or any other procedures done. 
  • When you don’t like the smile that you carry or when you don’t like your teeth. A dental doctor can help you to get the perfect smile with greatly arranged teeth.
  • Facing persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth.
  • It’s also important for pregnant ladies to go for dental checkups so that you and your baby can be safe.
  • One should also visit a dentist when there is any kind of pain or swelling in the mouth, face or neck. Diagnosing the problem at the earliest makes it easy for you to get it resolved without undergoing much pain and procedures.
  • Even when you face any kind of difficulty in chewing or while swallowing.
  • If any one of your families have a history of tooth decay or gum diseases.
  • When you have certain medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, any kind of eating disorders or even when you have got HIV as positive.
  • There might be some conditions when one feels dryness in the mouth. Do not neglect such conditions there might be some serious health issues behind it. 
  • If you have the habit of smoking or use of any other tobacco products. Doing any of these causes a serious oral and health issues which can get worse if they are left unattended. 
  • Those who are also undergoing some medical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation or any sort of hormone replacement therapy must make sure they visit the dentist.
  • Some may also notice that they get pain or pops when they close or open their jaw, while chewing or when they wake up in the morning. Sometimes one may also have the uneven bites. 
  • If you ever notice any sore or spot in mouth which you haven’t seen before and isn’t going.

Though symptoms might vary from one person to another, it’s important to know when one has to visit the dentist so that they can get the right treatment at the right time.